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Understanding Vein Disorders and Their Treatment

Common vein disorders

What is Telangiectasia

A telangiectasia is a confluence of dilated intradermal venules of less than 1 mm in caliber...Read More

What is Reticular Vein

A reticular vein is a dilated bluish intradermal vein, usually from 1 mm in diameter to less than 3 mm in diameter...Read More

What is Varicose Vein

A varicose vein is a subcutaneous dilated vein larger than 3 mm in diameter in the upright posture. Varicose veins are...Read More

What is Superficial Thrombophlebitits

Superficial thrombophlebitis or superficial vein thrombosis with phlebitis is a condition where superficial veins thrombose or clot and cause inflammation and...Read More

What is Corona Phlebectasia 

A fan shaped pattern of small intradermal veins on the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle and foot is called corona phlebectatica...Read More

What is Edema

Edema is tissue fluid in the skin and subcutaneous (fat) and is measured by the amount of skin indentation left with digital pressure...Read More

What is Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the discoloration (bronze-brown or purple) of the skin in patients with chronic venous reflux disease and chronic inflammation of varicose veins...Read More

What is Stasis Dermatitis

Stasis Dermatitis is a type of dermatitis related to chronic venous reflux disease and inflamed varicose veins. It can be a blistering, weeping or scaling skin eruption and...Read More

What is Lipodermatosclerosis?

Lipodermatosclerosis is chronic inflammation with resultant fibrosis or sclerosis of the skin (derma) and subcutaneous fat (lipo) where the skin of the lower leg becomes scarred...Read More

What is Atrophie Blanche?

Atrophie Blanche is translated from the French language, it literally means 'white atrophy'....Read More

What is a Venous Stasis Ulcer?

A venous stasis ulcer is a nonhealing wound in the legs and ankles related to chronic venous insufficiency....Read More

Bleeding from Venous Disease

Venous Hypertension causes proliferation of varicose veins under the skin.  The increased pressure in the vein/veins into the dermis (skin)...Read More