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Post Thrombotic Syndrome Treatment New York

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Post Thrombotic Syndrome - General Considerations

First, post thrombotic syndrome is a “syndrome”, rather than a disease. As such, it can present differently in each patient, with symptoms varying considerably from individual to individual.

Post Thrombatic Syndrome

Technically, PTS is a complication of deep venous thrombosis. Some patients will go on to recover completely from DVT, but a significant percentage will have lingering complications from the disease.

 Post Thrombotic Syndrome and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Post thrombotic syndrome is a well described sequela of DVT, and symptoms can appear and disappear over time. It is a chronic condition, though, and one that can last your entire life. Over time, the symptoms can also become more severe, resulting in significant pain and discomfort, and even in permanent disability.

Post thrombotic syndrome is a constellation of typical symptoms and signs that ranges from pain, pigmentation of the skin, leg swelling, and formation of venous stasis ulcers.

Most cases of PTS present within six months of treatment for deep venous thrombosis, but some can take up to two years. In addition, each patient will have different symptoms and symptom combinations. The only true way to determine if you suffer from post thrombotic syndrome is to undergo an examination by a medical professional (preferably the doctor who treated your DVT).

The Villalta Scale was described in the 1990’s to diagnose and classify the severity of post thrombotic syndrome. Clinical studies done by Dr. Khan show that the Villalta scale is a “reliable, valid, acceptable and responsive measure of PTS in patients with previous, objectively confirmed DVT” and was published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Heamostasis (volume 7, pages 884-888, 2009).

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