Varicose Vein Expert in Buffalo NY

What is a varicose vein? 

A varicose vein is a subcutaneous dilated vein larger than 3 mm in diameter in the upright posture. Varicose veins are also known as a varix, varices and varicosities. Varicose veins can occur in ten quadrants: anterior thigh, medial thigh, lateral thigh, posterior thigh, anterior leg, medial leg, lateral leg and posterior leg. They can also occur in the medial and lateral ankle areas, as well as on the external genitalia in women.

Varicose veins pool blood in stagnant segments and get inflamed causing chronic phlebitis. If these symptoms of aching, pain, itching, burning and cramping are not relieved with use of compression stockings, they are amenable to the latest techniques that we employ at the Vein Treatment Center. Techniques include a combination of endovenous ablation procedures to treat underlying venous insufficiency (venous reflux disease), microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy with or without foam, and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. In some cases, we also use the ClariVein procedure to treat both venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Dr.Karamanoukian is the only vein specialist in Western New York that uses the ClariVein Procedure.

Video of Dr. Karamanoukian performing foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins