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Reticular Vein - Sclerotherapy Expert in Williamsville and Orchard Park

Reticular Vein

What is a reticular vein? 

A reticular vein is a dilated bluish intradermal vein, usually from 1 mm in diameter to less than 3 mm in diameter. They are usually tortuous. Reticular veins are also known as blue veins and intradermal varices. In the classification of veins, reticular veins are considered type III veins. Telangiectasias, also known as spider veins (type I veins) can result from refluxing reticular veins. When such reticular veins are associated with telangiectasias, they are called "feeder veins". If sclerotherapy is chosen as the treatment for a particuar patient, the reticular veins should be injected first and the telangiectasias last. Until the reticular veins are treatd first, telangiectasias should not be targeted so as to avoid early recurrence. Expertise at the Vein Treatment Center for reticular veins include dynamic foam sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, available only in our facility in WiIlliamsville and Orchard Park.

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian has demonstrated this technique on The Doctors TV Show in 2009 and has garnered national attention and was involved in initiating the first such program in Western New York! 

Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian has been performing foam sclerotherapy for spider veins, reticular veins and varicose veins since 2008.

Watch a video clip of foam sclerotherapy for spider and reticular veins by Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian