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Efficacy of Cyanoacrylate Glue with VenaSeal in Closing Truncal Veins

  • 07

    By Katherine Kozlowski, medical author and contributor to Vein News and VeinsVeinsVeins.com

    Researchers performed a 12-month prospective study on the Asian population in Singapore to determine the efficacy of cyanoacrylate glue (CAG) in the closure of refluxing truncal veins.





    140 truncal veins were included in the study (136 legs).


    Patients were assessed using the revised Venous Clinical Severity Score (rVCSS) and quality of life indicator score post-procedure. Duplex ultrasound was used to determine successful closure of the truncal vein.


    90% of patients successfully followed up at 6- and 12-months post-operatively.






    139/140 (99.3%) of veins were closed at the 6-month mark.


    137/140 (97.9%) of veins were closed at the 12-month mark.


    rVCSS and quality of life questionnaire scores did not change from 3-12 months post-procedure.


    No serious adverse events were reported between 3- and 12-months after the procedure.






    Cyanoacrylate glue is a safe, effective way to ablate a vein, with a high rate of occlusion in the target vein and sustained quality of life for patients.





    Summarized from Tang TY, Yap CJ, Soon SX et al. One-year outcome using cyanoacrylate glue to ablate truncal vein incompetence: A Singapore VenaSeal(TM) real-world post-market evaluation study (ASVS). Phlebology 2021; 36(8):609-619.