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Medical compression stockings: knee high, thigh high or panty hose stockings ?

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    Katherine Kozlowski, Medical Author and Contributor to Vein News and www.VeinsVeinsVeins.com 

    Medical compression stockings and phlebologic compression stockings are off the shelf, standard stockings. They are offered in three standard lengths:
    • Knee-length stockings 

    • Thigh high stockings 

    • Panty hose stockings

    The standard prescription is offered in three lengths for each model, to fit short, normal, and tall individuals. 

    The choice of length depends on the diagnosis and the location of the symptoms and signs (trophic skin changes, etc).

    Calf stockings are often sufficient for lower leg edemas, skin alterations in a context of CVI, and venous leg ulcer.

    Thigh high stockings are generally used in lymphedema patients and edema that extends above the knee or of the whole leg.

    The panty hose component part is used to simply support the garment, or with higher pressures for treating edema from a pelvic component (pelvic venous disease). 

    www.VenaSmart.com for information about compression stockings.