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Treatment of red telangiectasias in women

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    What is better to treat red telangiectasias in women ? 

    by Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS RVT RPVI RPhS DABVLM

    Researchers from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova, Romania have done a comparative study in red telangiectasia treatment wint Nd;YAG laser versus sclerotherapy and published it in the Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine (see reference below). 

    Background for the study

    The authors have stated that sclerotheray is considered the gold standard for treatment of telangiectasias and reticular veins.  

    What is the aim of this study ? 

    To compare the efficacy and safety of hypertonic saline (20% plus lignocaine) versus Polidochanol (0.5%) versus long pulsed Nd:UAG laser treatment for red telangiectasias in women. 

    Study method: 

    This was a prospective randomized trial in 285 women and 570 legs.  Each patient was her own control. 

    What were the sizes of the telangiectasias and reticular veins ? 

    Primary leg telangiectasias that were < 2 mm in diameter. 

    What were the exclusion criteria for this study ? 

    Symptomatic patienta, pateints with venous reflux disease, pateints with DVT and post thrombotic syndrome, pregnant or breastfeeding patients, patients with neoplasms or chronic conditions that were being treated concurrently. 

    What were the results for telangiectasias < 1 mm in size ? 

    For telangiectasias under 1 mm, the Nd:YAG laser treatment determined a healing rate (telangiectasias disappearance) of 14.72 times higher than hypertonic saline (P<0.001).

    Polidochanol treatment produced a healing rate of 11.32 times higher than hypertonic saline (P<0.001).

    Other conclusions: 

    Hyperpigmentation after Nd:YAG laser treatment was rare in this study.  

    Nd:YAG laser is beneficial for telangiectasias that are < 1 mm in diameter.

    Sclerotherapy with Polidochanol is more apropriate for telangiectasias > 1 mm in diameter. 

    Reference:  Ianosi G, Ianosi S, Calbureanu-Popescu MX, Tutunaru C, Calina D and Neagoe D.  Comparative Study in ieg telangiectasias treatment with Nd:YAG laser and sclerotherapy.  Exp Ther Med 2019; 17: 1106-1112.