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Venous Neuropathy

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    Katherine Kozlowski MD and Jaber Al Musri MD 
    Jaber Al Musri MD is a Phlebologist in Dubai, UAE
    Katherine Kozlowski is a medical student at University at Buffalo School of Medicine


    Very intereting and clinically relevant research was presented at UIP 2022 In Istanbul Turkey by a group of researchers from Mexico entitled Neurpathy of Venous Source. 

    The research was conducted by Drs Chauhtemoc Ramirez, Alicia Lugo and Fernando Vega from 3 institutions in Mexico (listed below). 

    Background:   The authors state that of al neuropathies in the lower extremity, 60% are idiopathic and another 40% are related to diabetes mellitus.  They further aimed to characterize another source of neuropathy, that which is related to a venous source. 

    Hypothesis:  They state that the origin of venous neuropathy may be the presence of unmyleinated nerve fibers in the venous wall and since these are the same type of nerve fibers may be affected in diabetes.

    Results:  They noted improvement of neuropathy symptoms in 100% of their patients who had sclerotherapy, regardless of the fact that the injected veins were pathologic. 

    They have also observed an increase in sensitivity in the anterior foot in the levels of the 2nd-4th toes, the toes which are "most exposed to gravitational edema". 

    Study Conclusions:  The authors concluded that sclerotherapy in patients with neuropathy offers an effective treatment alternative for neuropathy which improves the quality of life of these patients. 

    Dr C Ramirez is from the Instituto Mexicano de Phlebologia y Linfologia. 
    Dr Alicia Lugo is from the Academia Mexicana de Phlebologia y Linfologia.
    Dr Fernando Vega is from the Colegio De Medicos Cirujanos J.R. Tournay 

    EDITOR'S COMMENTS (Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS DABS DABTS RVT RPhS RPVI) :  idiopathic neuropathy is very common in the U.S. and the author's findings are significant as it may have a significant impact on out patients who present with venous insufficincy and neuropathy symptoms.