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Omega Vein Cream is available at VenaSmart.com and www.KareSkin.com

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    Orchard Park, NY (www.VenaSmart.com) and Beverly Hills, CA (www.KareSkin.com



    Plato's Medicinals has reintroduced a great product which they have manufactured for > 5 years: Omega Vein Cream.


    Omega Vein Cream is great for patients who have symptoms associated with aching and pain from spider and reticular veins, varicose veins and venous insufficiency. 


    Active ingredients are Arnica Montana flower extract and Horse Chestnut extract (Aescin). 


    Omega Vein Cream can be ordered from www.VenaSmart.com or from www.KareSkin.com 


    I recommend the product for daily use on the legs for patients with chronic venous insufficiency as the active ingredients support healthy veins.