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Non Saphenous Sources of Venous Reflux

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    Stony Brook, NY


    Labropoulos has published an article delineating the patterns and types of nonsaphenous venous reflux disease. 


    The article is published in Phlebology. 


    The authors report that in 10% of patients, reflux is derived from non-saphenous veins (NSV).


    Non saphenous sources of reflux are located in the buttock, postero-lateral thigh, vulva, lower posterior thigh, popliteal fossa, knee or along the peripheral nerves such as the tibial and sciatic nerve.


    The authors conclude that patients who had saphenous vein stripping or ablation have higher odds of presenting with NSV reflux.


    The majority of patients with NSV reflux have varicose veins and lower extremity oedema; however, about 10% of those patients present with skin damage. T


    Dr Karamanoukian's note - When patients return for varicosities in the lateral thighs, groin, behind the knees, buttocks, it is prudent to interrogate the nonsaphenous sources of reflux. 

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