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Inflammatory biomarkers in chronic venous insufficiency

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    Mosmiller LTSteele KNShrader CD, and Petrone AB from West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV have published a paer called Evaluation of nflammatory biomarkers in chronic venous insufficiency in the journal Phlebology (January 2017).



    The purpose of this study was to compare nflammatory cell biomarkers, with an emphasis on neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, and neutrophil lymphocyte ratio in patients with chronic venous insufficiency.



    A retrospective medical record review of patients discharged from Ruby Memorial Hospital (Morgantown, WV, USA) with a primary diagnosis of chronic venous insufficiency. Patients were organized into two groups-mild and severe chronic venous insufficiency-based on the Clinical, Etiologic, Anatomic, and Pathophysiological classification system, and inflammatory cell counts were compared between groups.



    The researchers found a significantly higher neutrophil count and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in patients with severe chronic venous insufficiency.



    The conclusions of the study were that the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio may be a useful predictor of the severity of chronic venous insufficiency severity.