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Laser wavelengths used to ablate saphenous veins

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    The wavelengths used to target hemoglobin (810 nm, 940 nm , 980 nm, 1064 nm) or water (1320 nmm, 1470 nm, 1500 nm, 1927 nm and 2100 nm). 

    Hemmoglobin targeted laser wavelengths lead to steam bubble formatioon which causes thermmal damage to the vein, thus ablating it endoluminally. 

    Depending on the technologies used, water targeted laser frequences have an effectiveness between 77% and 99% at 1 yeat. 

    Water targeted lasers cause less bruising and pain after endovenous ablation in most studies. 

    Source:  European College of Phlebology Guidelines for truncal ablation; Phlebology; March 2020. Volumme 35(2); pages 73-83.