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Is there symmetry in venous anatomy in the lower extremities ?

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    Researchers examined whether there are differences in venous anatomy in the lower extremities of patients with venous disease.

    Drs Chandrashekar, Gasparis and Labropoulos looked at 100 patients (200 limbs) presenting with chronic venous diseae and reflux on venous Doppler ultrasound and compared the anatomic findings to that of 25 healthy volunteers without reflux or venous obstruction.

    The superficial veins (great saphenous veins, small saphenous veins) were examined.  The deep veins (femoral veins, popliteal veins, peroneal veins, tibial veins) were also examined. 

    The researchers found "complete lack of symmetry in venous anatomy in patients with chronic venous disease and in healthy patients". 

    The researchers concluded that "asymmetry in the veins in the lower extremities appears to be the norm". 

    The article was published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 2017; volume 5(3): 346-352. 

    Dr Karamanoukian's Note:  This is consistent with clinical experience which shows that there is no consistent symmetry in pattern of venous anatomy when patients present with deep vein thrombosis or superficial venous reflux disease.