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Revised CEAP Classification 2020

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    Neil Khilnanin and Alun Davies have published a summary of the CEAP Classification revision for 2020:

    The article was published in Phlebology 2020: 35(10): 745-748.

    Clinical domain The most important change to the C domain is the introduction of the subscript “r” to denote recurrence and is explicitly stated to relate to recurrent varicose veins and venous ulceration (C2r and C6r). The rationale is to allow distinction of limbs with primary from those with recurrent varicose veins and ulcerations, which have different natural histories. The other change is creating the C4c classification for the presence of corona phlebectatica, which has been demonstrated to be predictive of progression of 9chronic venous disease (CVD) to skin injury (C4b and C6).

    recurrent varicose veins:  C2r
    primary varicose veins:  C2
    recurrent venous ulcer  6r
    primary venus ulcer;  6
    corona phlebectatica;  C4c