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Provoked or Unprovoked DVT and VTE :risk for recurrence

  • 09
    by Adam Karalus (Physician Assistant Student at Daemen College)

    What are the recurrence rates for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or venous thromboembolism (VTE) in provoked and unprovoked patients, i.e provoked DVT and unprovoked DVT. 

    Patients with a first unprovoked DVT or VTE have:

    1-year risk for recurrent DVT or VTE of ∼8%
    5-year risk for reecurrent DVT or VTE of ∼30%
    20-year risk of recurrent DVT or VTE of ∼40%

    What is a mior transient risk factor for provoked DVT ?

    By definition, minor transient risk factors for DVT or VTE are minor surgery, hospitalization < 3 days, leg injury associated with reduced mobility < 3 days.

    What are the risk factors for recurrent DVT or VTE in patients who have minor trannsient risk factors as the reeason for the first eepisode of provoked DVT or VTE? 

    In these patients, the risk for recurrent DVT orVTE is ∼5% in the first year and ∼15% at 5 years.

    Source:  Rodger MA and Le Gal G. Who should get long-term anticoagulant therapy for venous thromboembolism and with what ?  Blood Adv 2018; 2(21): 3081-3087. 

    Dr Karamanoukian's comment:  this is a very nice summary article for patients who want to know what their risk is for developing another DVT based on whether they had a provoked DVT or VTE or unprovoked DVT or VTE.