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EAP component of the 2020 CEAP Classification

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    What is the "EAP" components of the 2020 CEAP Classification for venus disease ?

    "E" for Etiologic classification is based on congenital (Ec), primary (Ep), secondary (Es), or unknown (En).

    Es is further differentiated into intravenous (Esi) or extra-venous (Ese).

    Combinations of etiologic states can coexist.

    "A" for Anatomic classification is differentiated based on the affected vein and laterality: superficial (As), perforator (Ap), deep (Ad), or unknown (An).

    "P" for Pathophysiology is defined by whether the cause is due to reflux (Pr), obstruction (Po), both (Pr,o), or neither (Pn).

    The updates are published by Fedor Lurie, Marc Passman, Mark Meisner MD, Elna Masuda, Hrold Welch, Ruth Bush, John Blebea, Patrick H Carpenter, Marianne De Maeseneer, Anthony Gasparis,  Nicos Labropoulos, William A Marston, Joseph Rafetto, Fabricio Santiago, Cynthia Shortell, Jean Francois Uhl, Tomasz Urbanek, Andre van Rij, Bo Eklof, Peter Glovickzi, Robert Kistner, Peter Lawrence, Gregory Moneta, Frank Padberg, Michel Perrin and Thomas Wakefield. 

    The article is published in J Vasc Surg Venous Lymhat Disord 2020; 8(3): 342-352.