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Compression therapy after sclerotherapy

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    Compression stockings are recommended by most vein specialists following sclerotherapy. However, there is no standard therapy with some phlebologists (vein specialists) recommending 2 weeks of compression therapy and others 3 or more months of regular compression stocking therapy. 

    Researchers from Europe investigated "the evidence for compression therapy after sclerotherapy to inform clinical practice".  They used a systematic literture review via Medline and EMBASE databases for type and duration of compression therapy after sclerotherapy. 

    The research was published by Matthew KH Tan, Safa Selim, Sarah Onida and Alun Davies in the J Vasc SurgVenous Lymphat Disord 2021; 9: 264-274. 

    These researchers concluded that postsclerotherapy compression (therapy) may be beneficial at short term follow up (but that) evidence is llacking regarding the type, class, length and duration (of therapy). 


    Vein News Editor's comment:  This is an important study but it fails to offer anything new to the body of literature regarding this topic since the conclusions are already well known. 

    It should be noted that some of the leading experts in the word recommend anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 motnhs of compression post sclerotherapy. 

    Mitchel Goldman, MD, who has authored the leading textbook about sclerotherapy in the world recommends 2 weeks of comopression therapy.  His textbook is called Sclerotherapy, 6th Edition and is publishe by Elsevier.