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Isolated calf vein thrombosis

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    What is isolated calf vein thrombosis ?

    Isolated gastrocnemial and soleal vein thrombosis (IGSVT) is also known as isolated calf vein thrombosis. 

    The clinical relevance of isolated calf vein thrombosis is uncertain.  Some recommend serial examination with Doppler ultrasound and others recommend anticoagulation.

    Nicholson and colleagues report that most of these distal deeo vein thromboses resolve spontaneously.

    They state further that "cnventional wisdom says that isolated distal DVT (calf vein thrombosis) rarely causes symptomatic pulmonary embolism.  Distal DVT events also hjave a lower risk of recurrence when compared to proximal (DVT) events".

    Nicholson M, Chan N, Bhagirath V and Ginsberg J.  Prevention of venous thromboembolism in 2020 and beyond. Journal Clin Medicine 2020; 9(8): 2467.

    Dr Karamanoukian's note:  in our practice, we evaluate the extent of isolated calf vein thrombosis (thrombus burden), features of chronicity on B mode US, and proximity to the popliteal vein to determine the course of action in terms of whether we will have the patient return back for serial Doppler US scans versus anticoagulation.  Social factors also come into play.  Patients that are not likely to comply with serial observsation with scans usually choose to be anticoagulated.