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Sulodexide for chronic venous disease

  • 06

    By Javier Rodriguez, Medical Writer and Contributor to Vein News and www.VeinsVeinsVeins.com 

    What is Sulodexide ?


    S​ulodexide is a highly purified glycosaminoglycan (GAG) obtained from porcine digestive mucosa and is composed of a mixture of 80% heparan sulfate and 20% dermatan sulfate.

    This composition contributes to its antithrombotic and antithrombin action and a lower risk of hemorrhage.

    Sulodexide administered exclusively via the oral route has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of disorders involving hyperviscosity. 

    Sulodexide is therefore an ideal drug for the prophylaxis and treatment of arterial and venous disease. 

    Is Sulodexide available in the United States ? 

    Sulodexide has been marketed in Europe (Spain, Italy, and Eastern European countries), South America, and Asia. It is not FDA approved for use in the United States. 

    Dr Karamanoukian's comment:  Phlebologists (vein specialists) outside of the United States use Sulodexide on a regular basis for patients with chronic venous disease. 


    Brand Names for Sulodexide Outside of the United States (not FDA approved in the U.S.)

    • Angioflux (Aesculapius, Italy; Mitim, Macedonia)
    • Anjioflux 250 (Biogen, Turkey)
    • Anjioflux 600 (Biogen, Turkey)
    • Aterina (Bama-Geve, Spain)
    • Ateroxide (Amson, Pakistan)
    • Clarens (Alfa Biotech, Italy)
    • Coreflux (Sanience, Romania)
    • Dovida (Tedec-Meiji Farma, Spain)
    • Edixol (Taha Pharma, Tunisia)
    • Momendol [+ Naproxen]  (Angelini, Italy)
    • Provenal (Antrivex, Italy)
    • Ravenol (Mylan, Italy)
    • Sulodex (Rompharm, Georgia)
    • Treparin (Esseti, Georgia; Omikron Italia, Italy)
    • Vessel (Abbott, Thailand; Alfa Wassermann, Poland; Alfa Wassermann, Portugal; Alfa Wassermann, Tunisia; Alfasigma, Italy)
    • Vessel Due (Alfa Wassermann, Hungary)
    • Vessel Due F (Alfa Wassermann, China; Alfa Wassermann, Georgia; Alfa Wassermann, Hungary; Alfa Wassermann, Lebanon; Alfa Wassermann, Mexico; Alfa Wassermann, Malaysia; Alfa Wassermann, Philippines; Alfa Wassermann, Romania; Alfa Wassermann, Russian Federation; Alfasigma, Slovakia)
    • Vessel Due F 250 LSU (Elmor, Venezuela)
    • Vessel Due F 600 LSU/2 ml (Elmor, Venezuela)