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Skin ultrasound in venous disease

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    By Katherine Kozlowski, Medical Writer and Contributor to Vein News and www.VeinsVeinsVeins.com 

    Investigators have looked at skin morphology in patients with CEAP clinical stage 2 disease (C2).

    How was the investigation done ? 

    US findings from evident skin lesions are comparatively evaluated with those from the surrounding apparently normal skin and from the contralateral leg.

    Where was the study conducted ?

    Department of Anatomy, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy.

    Why was the study done ? 

    The study was done to see if seemingly normal patients with C2 disease can be identified to refine the clinical decision making as to whether they need treatment beyond the cosmetic concerns. 

    What are the results of this study ? 

    Dr Caggiatti showed that:

    1)  Inflammation and dermal edema can be found in the apparently normal skin of C2 legs.

    2) Swollen legs show thickening of the subcutaneous layer as a result of diffuse soaking or anechoic cavities, with or without dermal edema.

    3) Chronic hypodermitis is characterized by inflammatory edema in initial phases, and by liposclerosis in advanced cases.

    4) Recrudescence of inflammation provokes focal rarefactions of the subcutaneous layer, possibly related to ulcer opening.

    What are the conclusions of this study? 

    US evidence of cutaneous and subcutaneous changes in C2 legs should be considered to stratify the treatment in C2 legs, by identifying those in which varicose veins are not simply a cosmetic problem.  

    Reference:  Cagiatti A., Ultrasongoraphy of skin changes in legs with chronic venous disease. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2016: 52: 534-542.