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Blood pressure medications that cause lower extremity swelling

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    By Katherine Kozlowski, Contributor to Vein News and www.VeinsVeinsVeins.com

    Patients with venous insufficiency can vary in age as the disease has a high prevalence in Western society. 

    The elderly patient with venous insufficiency is likely to have an unrelated problem, namely essential hypertension.  As both conditions are common in elderly patients, they are likely to coexist. 

    Due to the revised guidelines for the treatment of diastolic and systolic hypertension, it is not uncommon to see patients on a varied number of prescription medications for blood pressure control who also have accompanying lower extremity swelling. 

    What are common antihypertensive drugs that can cause leg swelling?

    Calcium channel blockers






    A careful assessment of the patient should be made, especially noting whether the swelling predated or followed the institution of one or more of these medications. 

    If swelling worsened or started after one of these medications was started, the patient's cardiologist or primary care physician should reconsider the use of that particular medication.


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