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venous ulcer healing with short stretch bandages

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    By Katherine Kozlowski, Medical Author and Contributor to Vein News and www.VeinsVensVeins.com 

    Medical compression is used to help heal venous leg ulcers.

    What is a long stretch bandage? 
    A long stretch bandage stretches to 140% of its original length when stretched. 

    What is a short stretch bandage? 
    A short stretch bandage only stretches to 20-40% of its original length. 

    What is resting pressure ?
    Resting pressure is pressure derived from the compression device (bandages) with the muscle at rest. 

    What is working pressure ? 
    Working pressure is pressure derived from inside the compression device, originating from contracting muscle. 

    Short stretch bandages provide high working pressure and low resting pressure. 

    Long stretch bandages provide low working pressure and high resting pressure. 

    How does working pressure and resting pressure affect venous insufficiency and lymphatic function ?

    A high working pressure and low resting pressure is best for venous and lymphatic return. 

    As such, short stretch bandages are best for venous leg ulcer healing.